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A new series: The Waiting Room and the Aron

Dernière mise à jour : 2 janv.

I often write than my artworks belongs to a "series". What that means is that a group of artworks belong to the same project, can be seen as sharing common patterns or production process and try to convey a common vision of the world.

My last series focusses on the oncology waiting room of my hospital. The French singer Grand Corps Malade showed that a patient or someone sick has to be patient and wait a lot. What my series shows is that waiting is also an opportunity to see the Beauty around us, as exemplified by the Japonese Tree that one can see through the windows of the Waiting room. During almost a year I have been taking pictures of that tree and in this series I paint it during different seasons.

I used similar colors and patterns while focussing on different angles of the room and of the Aron. The 7 watercolors are framed by recycled frames that are all different, and their size are also different.

They will all belong to a 2-months exhibition starting in September 2022 at the Medical House in Saint-Genis-Pouilly, France. I hope that seeing those artworks will help some patients focuss on the Beauty around them rather than on their sufferings.

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